Werkstudent Software Tester (12-24 uur p/w)

About us
We develop a ground-breaking 3D printing technology with a multi-material nature, called voxel-based multi-material jetting (VB-MMJ). VB-MMJ is an inkjet technology where 3D objects are formed by jetting droplets onto a substrate layer by layer. On droplet level different materials can be mixed, resulting in the freedom to combine different mechanical properties and colors in the final object.

The advantages of our technology
3D printing has significant advantages over conventional production techniques; there is no need for large stocks, products can easily be customized and/or personalized and the amount of waste material is practically zero. Given these benefits, it is striking that additive manufacturing covers only a very small part of the total manufacturing market.

One of the possible explanations is the mono-material nature of most commercial 3D printing techniques, limiting the appearance and the mechanical properties of the end product. For most applications this is not sufficient and multiple colors as well as a combination of different mechanical properties is required. Only when combining different materials 3D printing can be used to its full potential.

Our technological challenges
We offer a full digital solution to produce dental applications, medical devices that need to be functional and ISO certified. Using multiple materials leads to endless opportunities, but achieving this with software which is performant, user friendly and of high quality is a challenge. Within the Software Team, you will help achieving the high level of quality which is required for our software suite. Your role in this project will be to create and automate tests at all levels (unit, integration, acceptance), through coding, scripting and setting up continuous integration pipelines.

We’ll do it together
You will not only work on a challenging topic, but you will also get the opportunity to experience working at a young and dynamic start-up company. Your work will directly contribute to our major software applications, and you will be part of our multi-disciplinary and international team with expertise ranging from physics to material science and software development.

What are we looking for?

  • A motivated and independent BSc. student in Computer Science
  • Ready to write unit tests in C++
  • Eager to create scripts in Python
  • Happy to set up continuous integration/ continuous delivery pipelines within Azure DevOps
  • Available for 6-12 months, several days a week.
  • Excited about broadening his/her horizon at a young and dynamic start-up company

What can you expect from us?

  • A challenging and exciting topic with a direct link to real-world applications
  • The unique experience of working at a start-up company
  • Being part of a multi-disciplinary team
  • A competitive monthly compensation fee
  • Lots of fun!

You will be located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

Are you excited? Curious? Motivated? Do you want to join us in evolving the manufacturing market by enabling multi-material 3D printing? Don’t hesitate and apply now! We’ll get back to you.

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Vragen over deze vacature?
Contact Jip | jip@knappekoppen.work | 0618200559

Vragen over deze vacature?
Contact Jip: jip@knappekoppen.work

Hulp nodig bij solliciteren?
Werkstudent Software Tester (12-24 uur p/w)
locatie Hybride, Remote / Werken vanuit huis, Eindhoven
type Bijbaan, Werkstudent
uren 12 uur per week
sector ICT
salaris ICT
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