Red Bull Basement University is a global collaborative initiative for student innovators with the ‘technology for good’ mindset to co-create innovative projects that improve student life by driving positive change on campus and beyond through technology. Red Bull Basement University invites students from around the globe to challenge the status quo and come up with innovative solutions to create a better student life.

Through a voting and judging process, Red Bull Basement University selects the brightest ideas from student innovators around the world and brings those ideas to life. Country winners are invited to the Red Bull Basement University Global Workshop, a 4-day event comprised of lectures, workshops and mentorship sessions, all leading up to a final pitching competition.

Red Bull Basement University launched its pilot global meeting in 2018 with more than 300 universities participating. In 2019, Red Bull Basement University will travel to more than 30 countries, including South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Switzerland and Japan.

Why did Red Bull start the Red Bull Basement programme?
When Red Bull started, its brand mission was ‘Giving Wings’ to people, not just through the physical energy in the drink, but by using the brand’s inspiring content and marketing to help them dream of being the best they can be. For many years, this was all about extreme sports and focused on physical energy, activity and pushing your physical limits. It then progressed into music and dance, and put more of a focus on developing talent, particularly raw ‘undiscovered’ talent, like the early B-Boy movement.

A few years ago, the focus expanded to ‘giving wings to people and ideas.’ Recognising a new wave of talent and creativity, Red Bull Basement was created to enable the next generation of social innovators who are using technology to create a positive impact within their communities and beyond. The program aims to support the materialisation of ideas in a ‘do it yourself’ environment, encourage peer-to-peer learning and support the initiatives of those that challenge the status quo.

What kind of projects are you looking for?
Potential areas may include:
  • Accessibility
  • Inclusion & Empowerment of students
  • Sustainability
  • Sanitation
  • Security
Examples of projects that interest us:
  • Student empowerment: an app to democratize decisions on campus through a voting feature.
  • Housing challenge: an app that helps students find accommodation that fits their needs and budget.
  • Food sharing app: a social app that aims to decrease food waste on campus and connect people at the same time.

How many team members can be part of the project?
Applications can be submitted individually or in groups of up to two students. More team members can collaborate on the project, but only two selected representatives will introduce and pitch their project during the Red Bull Basement University Global Meeting in Toronto, Canada.

How does Red Bull Basement University work?
Submit a short video (up to 60 seconds) explaining your idea on

Applications can only be submitted in groups of two. It is possible to introduce ideas in your local language, however, it is mandatory for all participants to be able to speak English.

Voting and Selection
The uploaded ideas will first go through a public voting phase which will last 6 days. Out of those top-voted ideas, a local panel of judges will have 3 days to select the winning idea based on the following criteria:

  • Feasibility
  • Impact
  • Creativity

Selected teams will then have 6 weeks to further explore and execute their idea, potentially creating a prototype. Red Bull will provide basic funds, mentorship with five international experts in respective fields, networking opportunities, and working space.

Global Workshop
The Red Bull Basement University Global Workshop in Toronto will kick off on December 12th. Four days packed with lectures, workshops, and mentorship sessions; all lead up to a final pitching competition.

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Deadline : 28-10-2019